User Experience Designer


I have been immersed in web technologies for over 20 years, 15 of which have been in a professional environment. My focus has always been on clean, simple, highly effective web applications that fulfill three criteria. They must be effective, efficient, and bring satisfaction to the user. Below is a bit of my work. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks!

  • Amazon Mobile Detail Page
    Amazon Item Detail Page
    Led detail page design of both desktop and mobile web experience.
    June 2011 - Present
  • Musician's Friend Portfolio
    Overhaul and content integration of
    January 2010 - 2011
  • Music123 Portfolio & Community
    Overhaul and community integration of
    May 2010 - 2011
  • Stupid Deal of the Day Portfolio
    Stupid Deal of the Day
    Exploration of a Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day iPhone app.
    October 2010
  • User Flows Portfolio
    User Flows
    Sample user flows put together for
    May 2010 - January 2011
  • Lifejot Portfolio
    A personal project to help keep track of your grocery lists.
    June 2009